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Jane has paired up with the amazing screenwriter/mom/badass Karin Partin Wells to form the new writing duo THE MAYWELL SISTERS! Together, they’ve already knocked out two huge summer blockbuster comedies (Piece of Shit Time Travelers and Max Comfort: Treasure Hunter) and have been hired to write the pilot, Groundskeepers.

Her screenplay The Next Ex is finally done and is currently being shopped around by her producer in LA.


Jane is happy to be back home in Brooklyn after receiving her Masters in Acting from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts! Since graduating she's worked and played all over NYC. Recently she performed in The One in Stratford, ON directed by Lucy Jane Atkinson and THE CONGRESSWOMEN adapted by Jane’s theater company, Ducdame Ensemble. In summer 2017 she opened The Enchantment at the HERE Arts Center. The Enchantment was a US premiere boasting a brand new translation of a lost Scandinavian classic by playwright Victoria Benedictsson. 

Ducdame Ensemble was also thrilled to partner with the newly created International Shakespeare Center last summer in Santa Fe, NM. to produce and perform a 2-show summer rep season of Twelfth Night and The Merchant of Venice! Twelfth Night debuted as the first theatrical performance ever at the world renowned art collective Meow Wolf. Read more about the venue in the New York Times HERE.

Standout performances come from Jane May as one of the most nuanced and truly regal Shakespearean Kings you could ask for...
— New York Theatre Review
Jane May plays the ravished newlywed Laurencia with a combination of fierce adult strength and soft teenage vulnerability that would be the envy of many
— nytheater now
It is impossible to isolate outstanding performances in such a strong piece of ensemble acting where every performer excels and also supports the rest of the company. Jane May and Kelly Strandemo encapsulate a female strength as they rally the women, maenad-like, to tear the commander to pieces. The strength of every member of the Ducdame Ensemble makes them a company to watch. I cannot wait to see what they have to offer next.
— Theatre Is Easy